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Jerry and Nicola met in Jamaica in 1988 when Jerry moved to the island. They now write under the penname Grant Beller, paying homage to both bloodlines. As Grant Beller, they write Romantic Suspense, often set in Jamaica, usually with a black woman & white man romantic relationship, but also other variations. 

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Two writers, married nearly thirty years, having raised two interracial children, it is only natural for Jerry and Nicola to form the Grant Beller partnership. 

And that is a good thing for BWWM Romantic Suspense readers. With what we’ve seen already, we can only hope the Grant Beller books keep coming. Hot. Sizzling. Tasteful Romance. Grant Beller books are too steamy for prudes and too clean for perverts. If you are between the two extremes, you’re likely to love Grant Beller’s books as much as we do.

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