Rode VideoMic with Fuzzy Windjammer Kit

Looking for a cheap option to upgrade the sound on your camcorder? This Rode Windjammer Kit is a good low-end choice.
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VIDEOMICRPrice: $149.95
Rode Videomic Shotgun Microphone with Rycote Lyre Mount is a half inch professional grade microphone designed for use on any personal digital camera. The new Rycote Lyre Mount upgrades this microphone to all new levels. Though consumer video cameras have great video quality, the audio quality is often time lacking. This is the perfect microphone upgrade for serious videographers without the budget of a movie star. An integrated shock mounting system isolates the electronics and VideoMic capsule from the metal shoe, preventing any rumbles or vibrations from affecting the sound quality. No additional adaptors are necessary since the metal shoe has a 0.375 inch standard thread for boom sticks. The super cardoid polar pattern focusing on the subject in front of the camera. The microphone has a 80 Hz high pass filter to remove low end noise like traffic and air conditioning. A -10 and -20dB level attenuation is selectable from the battery department. The Auray WSW Series Custom Windbusters provide dual layered wind protection and are designed to substantially reduce unwanted broadband wind noise and vocal pops with minimal high frequency loss.Kit includes 2 items: Rode Videomic Shotgun Microphone with Rycote Lyre Mount Custom Windbuster for Shotgun Microphones Price: $149.95 Buy on Amazon
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