OutKast – When You Mix Talent, R&B, Hip Hop, & Humor

I used to cross paths with these guys in Atlanta before they blew up into superstars. I remember them coming back from Jamaica and changing their style. Adre and Big Boi’s appearance and music became looser, playful and more psychedelic, and roots-oriented than their first album. Their popularity skyrocketed. 

Continue to check out some of the best OutKast videos/songs.

Ms. Jackson – OutKast

Ms. Jackson is Erykah Badu’s mother, and Erykah is the girl scorned. A serious song presented with wit, this video and song show how effortlessly Outkast could mix great music and witty commentary. 

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Ms. Jackson – Hey Ya!

Another great song by OutKast. The intro sketch, British Crowd, Andre 3000, and Big Boi are hilarious in the energetic Hey Ya. OutKast kept getting bigger!

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Ms. Jackson – So Fresh, So Clean

OutKast mixes some groovy beats, a pleasing rap, sweet singing, and a winning rhythm in So Fresh, So CleanOutKast continued their reign as kings of southern rap. 

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