Third World – The Most Underrated Band in the World?

Is Third World the most underrated band in the world? Don’t get me wrong. Third World has a large following, but too many mainstream citizens of the world do not know about one of history’s most talented bands, one that has performed across the globe for 44 years. 

Continue to check out some of Third World’s best videos/songs.

Third World – 96 Degrees in the Shade

I was in attendance for this and other Sunsplash events in the eighties. Third World‘s fantastic sound and talent blew me away then and finding a copy of them performing 96 Degrees in the Shade from the same show gives me chill bumps.  Witnessing the Third World show at this Sunsplash was one of the significant musical events of my life!

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Third World – Sense Of Purpose

Sense of Purpose is one of my all-time favorite songs. Reggae. Lover’s rock. Soul. R&B. Rock. Jazz. Blues. Harmony and every music persuasion flow seamlessly in this song. Third World is a third world and Reggae foundation that we want to go on forever. 

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Third World – Forbidden

As a white man who married a black woman in the eighties, Forbidden Love has always hit home. I love this song: the vocals, harmony, rhythm, rap, message, everything. Another example of the tremendous talent within Third World

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Third World – Committed

Committed is another song like Sense of Purpose that became a regular part of the playlist at many dance clubs around the world. Third World‘s music makes the world better, and Committed is Exhibit A. 

Third World has so many great songs, and I have special memories including each one.

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