Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon

Dark Side of the Moon is one of our favorite albums of all time. It is one of those perfect CDs for road trips. Many have gone on other trips with this music.

I have listened to Pink Floyd since high school many moons ago. The Dark Side of the Moon is an album I’ve owned on vinyl, 8-track, cassette, CD, and digital downloads. It is that good!

Check out some of Pink Floyd’s best work below:

Pink Floyd – Money (Official Music Video)

Money was the closest song on the Dark Side of the Moon album. Despite no other commercial songs, Dark Side of the Moon was a chart-busting production that continues to sell well today. What an excellent record and song. Pink Floyd achieved their first U.S. hit with Money, as it climbed to number ten on the charts. 

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Pink Floyd – Comfortably Numb (Official Music Video)

Comfortably Numb is a video/song that continued Pink Floyd’s march towards greatness. Many consider Comfortably Numb as Pink Floyd’s great song. It also was the last Pink Floyd song that guitarist David Gilmour and Roger Waters wrote together, as Gilmour soon after that left the band. 

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Pink Floyd – Brain Damage (Official Music Video)

Brain Damage is another favorite Pink Floyd song from the Dark Side of the Moon album. The madness expressed in this song and album are mindboggling. 

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