The Smiths – The Eighties Best Band?

The Smiths dominated the wave of 1980’s Progressive bands. Although Morrissey and Johnny Marr separated way too fast, they ignited the indie world. Indeed, Morrissey became the face of progressive music and the eighties underground.

Were the Smiths the best eighties band? Many think so. Not sure they were together long enough to qualify, but they were undoubtedly the crowd’s choice. If one combines The 
Smiths, Morrissey’s solo career, and Johnny Marr’s tenure with The The, there’s not much debate.  Only including the band’s work, The Smiths go down in history as one of the most dynamic groups in history, led by one of the greatest guitarists and best singers/personalities. 

Check out The Smiths’ excellent music/videos below:

The Smiths – How Soon Is Now? (Official Music Video)

The Smiths were perhaps the alternative crowd’s favorite band of the eighties, and on no song were they better than How Soon Is Now(?). Johnny Marr’s guitar and Morrissey’s vocals proved a masterful combination. This song will live as long as there is an alternative genre audience. 

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Bigmouth Strike Again is the funniest song of the twentieth century worth listening to for decades. Several stories are floating around concerning Sweetness and what prompted Morrissey’s brilliant outburst. Rest assured, your imagination will produce an equally good version. Funny. Killer guitar licks. Wide-ranging vocals. Bigmouth is another Smiths’ tune passing the test of time. 

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I love Morrissey’s cynical view of society and the average person. He always shook his head (or worse) at dead-end goals, superficial ambitions, phony tradition, and chasing one’s tail. Morrissey might remain music’s biggest grouch, but he’s spot on more often than not. 

And, check out Johnny’s guitar riffs on this song. 

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