Depeche Mode – The Best Alternative Techo Dance Band

This covers Depeche Mode‘s remarkable career through the 80’s when they were the best band not named The Smiths or The The. Alternative clubs all over the world danced nightly to People are People, Personal Jesus, Strangelove, Shake the Disease, and other masterpieces.

Do yourself a favor. Check out the songs/videos below:


Depeche Mode – Shake The Disease (Remastered Video)

How far will you go to convince that one special person? How frustrating is it when your person doesn’t understand you? Have you ever been misunderstood? Check out Shake The Disease, as Depeche Mode contemplates such questions.

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Depeche Mode – Enjoy the Silence (Remastered Video)

Depeche Mode earned the title of best alternative techno dance band by producing songs like Enjoy the Silence. Don’t you love it when words are not required to communicate? So does Depeche Mode!

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Depeche Mode – Srangelove (Remastered Video)

One of the best songs of the eighties, young people all over the world searched out alternative clubs, in part because they played songs like Strangelove. The band and song sound as fresh today as back when. 

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Depeche Mode – Personal Jesus (Remastered Video)

Have you ever reached out and touched fate? Depeche Mode asks in Personal Jesus, a song that resonates as much today as when released back in the eighties. I love this song and band!

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