The The – My Favorite Alternative Band

The The was one of the most talented alternative bands in history. Led by Matt Johnson, the rest of the band came and went, including guitarist Johnny Marr and David Palmer.

Listen to Uncertain Smile, This is the Day, Soul Mining, and Giant to gain a glimpse (and earful) why I rank The The with The Smiths and Depeche Mode as the greatest bands of the eighties.

Check out the great The The tunes/videos below:

The The – Love Is Stronger Than Death (Official Video)

Love Is Stronger Than Death is an uplifting song where Matthew Johnson encourages us to trust and embrace love. When all else fails, love will save us.

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The The – The Beat(en) Generation (Official Video)

How are we to survive misinformation and deception? According to Matthew Johnson, we should open our eyes and imagination. Besides making sense, The Beat(en) Generation is an excellent song.

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The The – The Beat(en) Generation (Official Video)

I remember hearing Uncertain Smile at the legendary Urban Lounge. The place was packed, but everybody stopped what they were doing to focus on the song. I’ve been a Mathew Johnson and The The fan ever since. 

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Our Top The The Recommendations

The The - Soul Mining

The The - Infected

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