Wayman Tisdale – A Great Basketball Player, a Terrific Jazz Artist, & a Remarkable Man

Wayman Tisdale was perhaps the greatest scorer in NCAA Basketball history, virtually unstoppable. Wayman left the NBA during his prime to embark on a Jazz career. His left-handed bass and marvelous Smooth Jazz albums make him a double legend, in basketball and Jazz.

In addition to being an outstanding musician and basketball player, you will never meet a person with a bigger or more genuine smile than Wayman Tisdale. There has never been a sadder day to the basketball and Jazz world than when Wayman died. Do your ears a favor and add his music to your collection.

Wayman Tisdale – Let’s Do It Again

The left-handed bassist leads his band through a marvelous composition of Let’s Do It Again.  When you watch this video, you realize Wayman Tisdale was a master of Jazz.

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Wayman Tisdale – Summer Breeze (Ft. Laylah Hathaway)

What a great version of Summer Breeze. Wayman’s thumping bass and the band’s soothing layers, combined with Laylah Hathaway’s voice is pure joy. 

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The Wayman Tisdale Story – Official Trailer

What kind of man was Wayman Tisdale and how did people feel about him? Watch this trailer for an idea how great a basketball player, jazz bassist, bandleader, and man Wayman was during his miraculous lifetime. 

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Toby Keith Tribute to Wayman Tisdale

Toby Keith’s tribute to Wayman Tisdale expressed how many of us in the Sooners’ state and around the country felt about Wayman. There will never be another like him!

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