Molly Make-Believe

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Who is Molly Make-Believe? This is the question that haunted Carl Stanton, a Boston businessman who took up his fiancée on the offer of contacting the Serial-Letter Company – a curious correspondence service that promises, for a fee, to send him letters of comfort – while she is away wintering in Florida with her mother. Carl includes his profile in his first letter to the company, along with a check for a generous amount, and what he receives surprises and delights him beyond measure.

Eleanor Hallowell Abbott’s style and approach to this book is lighthearted and funny in some parts, as well as delightfully mysterious in others. She creates Molly Make-Believe, a companion for Carl who is cheerful, attentive, kind and remarkably affectionate – practically showing signs of every trait that his fiancée, Cornelia, lacked. While Carl initially wanted to keep the letters to show Cornelia how someone truly passionate writes to the person they care about, he soon becomes completely captivated by the letters themselves.

The story introduces a few interesting psychological elements that are probably more significant today than in any other point in history. As Carl questions whether Molly is real or not, we cannot help but allow our minds to glance at the easily facilitated communications of today, and how people can face similar dilemmas as to whether or not the person they communicate with is “real,” and whether it’s even relevant to wonder.

Abbott masterfully weaves the thread of the plot so beautifully that even modern readers feel they are swept away into a delightfully fun and droll story just perfect for reading on a dull rainy day.

There isn’t much that Molly Make-Believe lacks, despite the simplicity of the plot and the fact that not many characters are there to take part in it.

Price: Free

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