Bleak House

Bleak House

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Bleak House by Charles Dickens

Considered to be one of Charles Dickens’ finest and, at the same time, darkest novel, brings deep and often caustic criticism of the British judicial system of the 19th century. Even though the story of the novel is, indeed, bleak, the reader is in for a real treat – the incredible array of wonderfully shaped, characters penciled in a fascinating and colorful way guarantee that.

The novel shows Dickensian realism and the author’s criticism of the Victorian era social structure at its best. The lengthy, seemingly court case it presents intertwines with stories of love affairs and many other events. The characters featured, both the major ones and the satellites, are all well-structured and well-rounded – just the way you can expect of the greatest Realist novel by the greatest Realist novelist. Criticism and satire are also at their best in Dickens’ novel and so is Dickens’ inclination towards the bizarre: one of the characters dies of spontaneous human combustion as well as other sub-plots that contribute greatly to the complexity of the novel as a whole. Bleak House is much more than a novel that criticizes the British legal system – it is a valuable document about an era of much controversy, written in a time when great changes were brewing in society just as much as in the legal system and science.

If you love Dickens novels already or you are interested in 19th century classics, Bleak House will make an excellent read. If you’ve read the book in the past and you are looking for quality reading, you will surely find facets of it that you have not noticed before, so we can surely say that Bleak House has something for everyone. The book is now available in various formats, offering great entertainment for those who like reading the traditional way, as well as for those who prefer digital formats.

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