St. George and St. Michael Volume 1

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Although George MacDonald was mostly known for his fantasy novels and fairy tales – some of his most notable works including The Princess and the Goblin or Phantastes – and for influencing some of the best known fantasy authors of modern times, like J.R.R. Tolkien and Lewis Carroll, not many people are aware of the fact that one of his most distinguished works was actually an historical novel.

MacDonald wrote St George and St Michael as a controversial and well-designed story about a young couple that find themselves on opposing sides in the wake of the English Civil Wars. Skillfully blending the effects that the political conflicts and religious beliefs of the time may have had on an impressionable young girl such as Dorothy Vaughan and her lifelongchildhoodfriend, Richard Heywood,MacDonald manages tocreate a deep and historically meaningfulstory thatshows anaccurate depiction of thewars and their influence on thecommon Englishcitizens of thetime.

Thestory begins as tensionsrise between theChurchofEngland and thenumerous individualpuritans who believe that theChurch needs to be reformed.Amidst thegrowing difficulties associated with bringingbeliefs to a commondenominator,Dorothy Vaughan challenges herfriend and possible futurehusband,Richard,to get involved intheevents that are unfolding around them,and thus provehimself as a man.

Richard,however,following Dorothy’s encouragements,finds out his own family’sbeliefs stand against those of thegirl hewants to marry.

Thestory is quite complex,and ties into realevents that MacDonald hasmanaged to describe in remarkabledetail,bringing history to life in this well-written novel.

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