The Great Law of Peace (The Peacemaker Series) (Volume 3)

The Great Law of Peace (The Peacemaker Series) (Volume 3)

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To survive the test of the falls was only the first step. Climbing the tree and letting them chop it down, falling straight into the worst of the rapids, gained him their attention, made them listen. But the main part of his work was still ahead of Two Rivers and his most loyal follower, Tekeni. The task of organizing the people as a whole, of making them talk to their hostile, warlike neighbors, demanded time, too much time. Their private desires had to wait as they traveled to more places, convened more gatherings, convinced more nations. The Great Peace demanded their full attention. However, the women they loved had different ideas. Neither was prepared to sit and wait patiently. Taking action seemed like the better course to both, but each went about it in her own, very different, fashion.

Price: $9.99

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