His to Princess, a modern fairytale romance: Loving World, Les Iles de la Victoire

His to Princess, a modern fairytale romance: Loving World, Les Iles de la Victoire

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There’s a beast in her castle…

When Talia Jeffries takes over her grandmother’s former job as a scullery maid at an abandoned castle in the tropics, she’s looking for an escape from her high-achieving-but-not-necessarily-happy life as a law student in New York City. The last thing Talia expects to find on her first day of work is a flirtatious French squatter named Al.

Escape with a homeless veteran tonight…?

What?! No, no, no! This is NOT a recipe for romance—even if this particular squatter is cut like a Greek god, weirdly sexy, and possibly good-looking beneath his huge red beard and overly long hair. However, when Talia deduces that he’s a homeless veteran, she agrees to let him remain at the castle in exchange for his help with her cleaning duties. But what starts out as an attempt to assist a troubled soul, eventually turns into something much, much hotter…

His secret is about to become her undoing…

…until Talia discovers her homeless veteran is none other than Prince Aldrich Gerulf Pierre de Chanval du Fort, Crown Prince of Les Iles de la Victoire—AKA the Bad Boy Prince of Victoire. WTH?! Furious with him for lying to her, Talia immediately breaks off their budding relationship. Only to find out that she’s…

Pregnant by the bad boy prince….

So though she’s done with Al, he’s not done with her. 

Not even close.

Talia’s about to find out, in the most romantic modern fairy tale way possible, that she’s…


Are you ready to get princed? Then one-click this steamy and delicious BWWM romance–perfect for those who prefer their princes red-headed, ridiculously charming, and devilishly handsome!

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