Valley of Shadows (The Aztec Chronicles Book 6)

Valley of Shadows (The Aztec Chronicles Book 6)

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The storm in the Tollocan Valley kept gathering, inevitable and deadly. With the Tenochtitlan forces rolling toward the west in many thousands, reinforced by their allies of Texcoco and Tlacopan, and the united dwellers of the Tollocan Valley awaiting them eagerly, ready to engage the invaders, Elotl found himself stuck between two worlds. Troubled by the disappearance of his brother and pledged to spy on behalf of Tenochtitlan, he suddenly found himself obliged to help his unexpected companions, an Otomi girl of Tollocan origins and her bunch of wild brothers looking for their missing father, getting embroiled in the Tollocan royal house’s intricate politics and affairs.

In the meantime, back in Tenochtitlan, Tlemilli’s sister was in trouble, facing the threat of the Imperial Court, with the Emperor’s influential brother determined to get rid of her, to silence her legally or otherwise. That turned Miztli’s brief return to the Capital into a less satisfying affair. Caught between Tlemilli’s erratic attempts to prevent the court from trying her sister and an outright attempt of assassination on the noble lady, he was forced to leave the capital frantic with worry for his girl and her safety; a worry that the demands of his new position as the part of the imperial scouting unit challenged right away.

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