The Sensational Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson went through many tribulations in his development into the indisputable King of Pop Music.

While sensationalism often overshadowed his talent, that is the price of being a modern icon. For this post, we remember and salute him as the artist who stirred billions of hearts with his music.

Check out the Michael Jackson songs/videos below:

Michael Jackon – Thriller (Official Video)

Check out the young, shy, black, smooth-talking lady’s man Michael Jackson was in Thriller. One thing in the movie that turned out correct, Michael wasn’t like other guys. 

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Michael Jackon & Bone Thugs N Harmony – What Have We Done

What have we done to the world? As a human being, a steward of the earth, have you ever looked at the world and cringed. Check out this Bone Thugs N Harmony tribute, post-collaboration, with Michael Jackson. And, ask yourself what the hell are we humans are doing to the earth?

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Michael Jackon – Smooth Criminal (Official Video)

Could Michael sing, dance, moonwalk, seduce, entertain, and dominate a stage? You bet! Michael Jackson highlights all his skills in the Smooth Criminal video and song. 

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