Santana – His Talking Guitar makes those around him Better

In high school, several of us were listening to Oye Como Va. An annoying guy carried on about how Santana “is the greatest musician ever.”

I retorted: This is the worst shit I’ve ever heard.

In my mind, however, I thought this song and Santana are fantastic. Everything I’ve heard and have learned about Santana since has only confirmed and enhanced my favorable view of him. Great guitarist, bandleader, and performer. Also, a good man. The type of person and musician that people want to be around.

Santana is one of those rare guitarists who make his guitar talk a beautiful language only the best can achieve. 

Carlos Santana is an essential part of every decent music collection.

Check out some of Santana’s best songs/videos below:

Santana – Smooth (Ft. Rob Thomas)

Santana is one of the greatest guitarists and one of the coolest dudes in history. He makes the musicians around him better, as this Santana collaboration with Rob Thomas illustrates. 

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Santana – Maria Maria (Ft. The Product G&B)

Santana’s guitar smokes and talks on this beautiful Hispanic song paying homage to a gorgeous woman named Maria. Combining Wyclef and Santana is a winning formula. 

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Santana – The Game of Love (Ft. Michelle Branch)

Michell Branch rises to the occasion on this collaboration with Carlos SantanaThe Game of Love is a song that sounds better the more I hear Branch and Santana practically making love with their guitars and voices. 

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