Linkin Park Changed Music Forever

Linkin Park thrilled us with songs such as In the End and Somewhere I Belong. 

America and the rock world needed a new sound in 2000, and Linkin Park delivered with their debut album Hybrid Theory

Mixing genres, led by Chester Bennington‘s unique and splendid voice, and Mike Shinoda‘s rapping, Link Park continued to push their music boundaries until Chester took his own life on July 20, 2017.

During their seventeen years, the band sold over 100 million albums and thrilled countless fans on dozens of tours. I loved their best material, and the Studio Collection 2000-2012 includes many.

Check out some of Linkin Park’s best songs below:

Linkin Park – In the End (Official Video)

What does life matter? We get up every day and fight through life to fight another day. For those of us who miss Chester Bennington and Linkin Park, In The End, serves as a bitter reminder of Chester’s demise, mental illness, suicide, and how utterly taxing life can be.

The song, however, also reminds us how spectacular alternative rock, music, and life can be at its best. Listen to the song for its artistic beauty, not the darker reminders. 

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Linkin Park – Numb (Official Video)

Are we all fighting to be ourselves? Do parents, siblings, relatives, peers, bosses, and the people we know force us to be somebody we do not want to be? Is being ourselves the most significant challenge in life, and the one most of us fail? Chester and Linkin Park touch on all these themes in the gripping song Numb

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Linkin Park – Crawling (Official Video)

Crawling is another song that reminds us of Chester Bennington’s brilliance as a songwriter and singer, but the tragedy to walk in his shoes. Do you ever feel like the walls of life are closing in and you can’t handle the pressure? This song and video are living tributes to the concept. 

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Our Top Linkin Park Recommendations

Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory

Link Park - Meteora

Linkin Park - One More Light

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