New Order – One of Our Top Alternative Bands

New Order is another band in the post-punk era that created the groundwork for alternative music. The former members of Joy Division blended dance music with electronics to create outstanding songs such as Blue Monday and True Faith

New Order has delivered several quality albums. Other than Depeche Mode, New Order has been perhaps the most consistent electronic dance band.

Check out the marvelous New Order videos/songs below:

New Order – True Faith [Official Music Video]

An alternative favorite, True Faith, achieved worldwide success. The slapping and dancing in the video add a hilarious layer to the song.

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New Order – Blue Monday [Official Music Video]

Alternative clubs in the eighties and nineties played Blue Monday often to their dancing crowd’s satisfaction. Fun and groovy, young people danced many nights away to songs such as this techno dance tune. 

New Order – Crystal [Official Music Video]

Check out the pleasing vocals and the powerful bass on Crystal. This song shows New Order’s talent and why people found them so difficult to classify, pigeonhole, categorize, and limit. Where they saw boundaries, they kept going, searching for new musical territory.

Our Top New Order Recommendations

New Order - Singles (Remastered)

New Order - Power, Corruption & Lies

New Order - Brotherhood (Collector's)

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