Twenty One Pilots – A Band of Substance

Although they’ve been around since 2009, Twenty One Pilots only became known to most in 2015 when they released the album Blurryface. The solid album produced the following hit songs: Stressed Out, Ride, and Tear in my Heart

Founders of the band, Tyler Joseph, and Nick Thomas have been friends since playing on the same basketball team in little league. 

I view them as one of the more talented current bands, so let’s hope they stay together, remain hungry, focused, and produce several more great albums and songs. 

Check out some of Twenty One Pilots’ best songs/videos below:

Twenty One Pilots: Stressed Out [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

This video looks back at the good old days and focuses on how difficult it is to feel relevant in this country/word/species. No matter what any of us accomplish, society seems to judge us by how much money we stockpile. Time moves too quickly, and most of us can sense it slipping away. 

From arriving on an oversized tricycle to the humorous, playful lyrics, Twenty-One Pilots produced a video to match a creative and well-executed song. 

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Twenty One Pilots: Ride (Official Video)

Do you overthink? Do you think about the end? Do you feel your enemies would celebrate your end? How many people give your own life to save? How many would die for you? 

Once again, in this song and video, Tyler Joseph and Twenty One Pilots focus on serious thoughts. Music, vocals, and the video make us think and feel like the best music should. 

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Twenty One Pilots: Heathens (Official Video)

The guys once again reach deep to focus on the human soul. They question how well we know anybody, and how the people around us can be anything. Is anything the way it seems. Twenty One Pilots doesn’t seem to think so. 

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Recommended Twenty One Pilots Albums/CDs

Twenty One Pilots: Blurryface

Twenty One Pilots: Black & Red

Twenty One Pilots: Vessel

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