Pat Metheny – My Favorite Jazz Guitarist

A friend introduced me to Pat Metheny while we were attending the University of Oklahoma. I had already been to my share of concerts and seen some great guitarists. The elite few–Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, George Harrison–made their guitar talk and sing. Pat Metheny is such a guitarist, which is why he ranks as my favorite Jazzy guitarists. 

I highly recommend you catch one of Pat Metheny’s shows when in your area. He and the various talented jazz musicians he travels with are at the top of the field. 

Check out some of Pat Metheny’s work below:

Pat Metheny – This Is Not America

The live show in Japan is my favorite version of this marvelous and timeless song. No matter where we’re at in the United States, Metheny’s This Is Not America resonates and represents my sentiment about the country. With few exceptions, we make things unnecessarily trying in this country. Oh well, check out the great song and video.

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Pat Metheny – And I Love Her (The Beatles)

Pat Metheny performs a solo cover of The Beatles And I Love Her on his acoustic guitar that would make George Harrison proud. Pat is a fantastic guitarist and performer. 

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Pat Metheny – Last Train Home

Pat Metheny and his band play a train symphony that builds and drops, only to rise again like a train chugging up a hill, then roll down the other side. The Last Train Home is a Metheny favorite and a live treat. 

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Our Pat Metheny Recommendations

Pat Metheny - It's All About You

Pat Metheny - It's All About You

Pat Metheny - It's All About You

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