A Love Story Worth Telling: An English Short Film

How do you tell the world or any part of it about the most beautiful and amazing girl in the world? To Vishwa, Shewtha is secret and perfect in The Closet Lover, a love story that will warm your hear.

The Closet Lover – English Short Film HD

Publisher Information

From the House Of Sixth Sense Films, The Closet Lover – English Short Film Full HD. [ Request – Please Watch It in HD ] “A Simple Love story revolving around our hero Vishwa and his dream girl Shewtha. When life takes a U Turn, even past becomes a choice of fate” Direction & Screenplay: Nitin Vijay Cinematography: Vedha Narayan Story: Vignesh Natarajan & Nitin Vijay Orig. BGM: Shameer Mohamed Editing & VFX: Ignatious Aswin Roto Artist: Suresh Consultant: Prashanth Karan and Karthik Priyadarshan Sound Mixing and Effects : Arvind Ramprasad and Sabarish Rajan Costumes and Make up : Sumedha Ramanan Vocals: Saran Suresh P.R.O: Shravan Santhosh Starring: Karthikeyan Vellapan Sumedha Ramanan Nelson Mohammed Gandhi If You want to contact us, mail us at sixthsensefilms@gmail.com Category Film & Animation License Standard YouTube License

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