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Few human relationships rank with that shared between a worthy author & an appreciative reader. Our mission is to bud such relationships.


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Since 2007, Author Alliance provides invaluable services to budding and developed authors. Our mission is to help authors perfect their craft and reach a wider audience.


Authors already spend most their time alone when writing books, but where would the meaning be if nobody read the books? The bond between author and reader is intimate, as the reader journeys into the inner world of the writer. 

From a writer's standpoint, there is no greater intimacy (other than between true lovers). Most spend years refining their work before showing it to anybody. 

Writers live and breathe to reach you the reader, but the initial experience is somewhat more intimidating than walking nude down a busy Main Street.


We hope to serve as an important bridge between authors & readers.

--Jerry Beller, 2007

In 2007, the indie landscape was coming alive, but nothing compared to now. The Author Alliance helped authors avoid vanity houses by publishing as an independent author.

We also serve readers by helping to direct them to hidden reading gems, helping the better indie authors to connect with a larger reading audience. We focus on quality books because we could sooner teach a chimp sign language than convince a savvy ready about a poorly written & edited book is something better.

We also helped point them towards quality book cover artists, editors, and others to help them improve both the final text and the graphics and snippets necessary draw the reader's attention on Amazon and other online book retailers.

While we changed and grew with the times, we still perform the same original mission to connect readers with quality books. Part of the mission is to help authors write better & teach them the importance of professional editing, graphics, copywriting, and the finer aspects of publishing.

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