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Beller Medical Research focuses on the heart & brain.

Beller Medical Research Breaks Medical Ground!

Besides publishing dozens of books, we also write heart, brain, and nervous system blogs. Our research is impeccable and dedication to science unshakable. We are independent to the bone & beholden only to the truth. Beller Medical lead author Jerry Beller wrote the first book covering all 19 dementia types. He also wrote a book on each type.

Brain Research

While we devote much research to dementia, we also probe the entire brain and nervous system. The fascinates, so we explore what makes it work flawlessly & investigate what happens during neurodegeneration.

2021 Dementia Overview by Jerry Beller Health Research

Well over six million Americans and bout fifty million people worldwide live with dementia

Beller Medical Research broke medical ground when lead author Jerry Beller released the first book covering all 19 primary dementia types. Read by patients, physicians, & medical professionals, several dementia certification institutes in the US & worldwide use this book as an instruction manual.

Heart Research

Beller Medical Research focuses on the brain and heart because when something goes wrong with one, it adversely affects the other. We have two series, one on vascular disease and the other on the arrhythmias.

2021 Atrial Fibrillation by Jerry Beller Health Research

The most prevalent arrhythmia, up to 6.1 million Americans and 37.6 million worldwide live with atrial fibrillation. 

A supraventricular arrhythmia, atrial fibrillation significantly increases risk of stroke, heart failure, and premature death. When the heart flutters or misses a beat, it often causes a blood clot, which typically travels to the brain, causing a stroke.


Independent Research You Can Trust!

Beller Medical Research's mission is to provide physicians, medical personnel, & patients reliable & independent information about the brain & heart.

We do not accept corporate sponsors and our works remains without an agenda other than the truth. We promote independent and quality studies that kick the ball up the medical field.

We work to help competent and devoted physicians and medical workers do their jobs better. Beller Medical Research also provides patients information to help their family when a family member develops a brain or heart disorder.

While we release our books & publications in American English, our audience is global, using the best US, Canadian, European, Australian, Asian, and glob research available.

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