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American Divide – Jerry Beller

American Divide - Jerry Beller

The American divide shocks people, but began before the Declaration of Independence. A divisive two-party system divides Americans into US & THEM on every issue and reduces the electoral process to a choice between evil and eviler. The undemocratic process disenfranchises people and makes them believe their vote does not matter. Then, there is gerrymandering. And, let's not forget the winner-take-all process (49 percent of the vote earns nothing in our system) and other flaws that encourage division, demonetization, and disenfranchisement.

American Divide - Jerry Beller

Where's the inspiration?

One problem in 2016 was the Democratic Leadership Committee, Clinton, even Sanders, did not connect with most minorities. By the General Election, Democrats thought they would coast to victory focusing on the shocking GOP nominee.

Scoundrels broke our political process. Our two-party system (party system period) forces candidates to place party over country, state, county, and city.

The U.S. political electoral system makes winning candidates dependent on Big Money, which makes elected officials more loyal to corporate and special interests than to any American majority.

Exaggerated  Greatness

The United States has never been as great as we make it out to be. That native-killing, land-robbing, slave-owners were ever the norm, and some still held as American heroes, is an indictment on our country's origin and present.

This county has tolerated bigots, elitism, land robbing, genocide, senseless wars, white crime, etc., from the beginning, and continuous with growing efficiency. We are a broken empire built on land-robbing, genocide, and to extend the rich white males should control 90 percent of the wealth and land, and 99% of power.

Should-be Allies turn on each other

And, generation after generation, we Americans allow the few to divide us into black and white, north and south, rural and urban, and dozens of other superficial divisions that keep us from uniting.

Their favorite weapons are politics and religion where they brainwash people who should be allies into US and THEM. Religion is as corrupt as politics because anybody can claim God said this or that, and anybody who claims to be a church can brainwash people 24/7, collect enormous funds, and operate tax free.

Follow the Money Trail

If somebody followed the money trail, they would expose real scoundrels. Crooked politicians. False prophets. Cults operating as churches. We give unfair advantages to the enemies of justice, equality, science, democracy and the truth. Not to mention we have a defense department that spends trillions of dollars and has never passed an audit as the law demands from every government agency. We throw money at Defense and bleed tax revenue for churches to operate as if God ordained, and we ask why there is not enough money or anything else for everybody. 

The United States remains a country where the few live like kings and queens at the expense of the many, and the country's very foundation. 

Widespread confusion

No wonder present day Americans don't know if they are scratching their watch or winding their asses.

Why It Is Personal – White & Black Bigots need to Chill

I’ve devoted a lot of time the past couple of years to challenging racists/bigots of every color and type. For me, it’s personal. Bigots cannot say “Black People” or “White People” without offending me. Dark and light bigots have been getting on my last nerve for three decades. I love white and black people, and all the colors in-between. My family—the one I grew up and the one I married into—include Dutch, Cherokee, African, Jamaican, Irish, Scottish, and God only knows what other variations.