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Music is the oldest, dearest, most universal human language. #IndiesUnite loves nothing more than quality music (of every genre), so you can trust our picks.

Pat Metheny – My Favorite Jazz Guitarist

A friend introduced me to Pat Metheny while we were attending the University of Oklahoma. I had already been to my share of concerts and seen some great guitarists. The elite few–Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, George Harrison–made their guitar talk and sing. Pat Metheny is such a guitarist, which is why he ranks as my favorite Jazzy guitarists. 

Lucy Pearl – You (feat. Q-Tip & Snoop Dogg)

Lucy Pearl is a band that made a giant splash and left us wanting more. One of my all-time favorite bands, I can only imagine what the group might have been had D’Angelo participated as expected, or had his replacement, Dawn Robinson (En Vogue) not quit. 

Songs like this one will forever leave us wondering what if–