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Pat Metheny – My Favorite Jazz Guitarist

A friend introduced me to Pat Metheny while we were attending the University of Oklahoma. I had already been to my share of concerts and seen some great guitarists. The elite few–Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, George Harrison–made their guitar talk and sing. Pat Metheny is such a guitarist, which is why he ranks as my favorite Jazzy guitarists. 

The World could use Wayman Tisdale

Updated: July 11, 2018

Looking back

Who was Wayman Tisdale? In today’s beat-yourself-on-the-chest for next to nothing athletes, it is easy to forget not so long ago there was a great basketball player named Wayman Tisdale who showed people how to act on and off the court. Wayman Tisdale was not just an athlete, but also a world-class jazz musician. More importantly, Wayman was a guy who showed the rest of us how to live life.