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The Temptations – Oldies that Sound Beautiful Today

The Temptations produced hit after hit. While the studios demanded three-minute songs, the group constantly fought to record longer songs such as Papa Was a Rolling Stone

Arguably the best harmonizing group in history, The Temptations’ songs sound as good today as when the group was at their peak. The group had their share of turmoil, but they wrote, sang, recorded, and performed some of the greatest songs in music history. 

Whitney Houston had the Voice of an Angel

Listening to Whitney Houston’s voice is like God making love to your ears. 

Forget how the icon fell to earth to become one of America’s great tragedies. Whitney was born with a voice from Heaven, and she blessed us with song after song, album after album, and performance after performance for decades. Her voice and the volume of her work earns her a place among the top 100 best artists of all time.