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Looking Back on Tom Petty | Music to Sing Along

My wife and I attended a Tom Petty tribute recently. A diverse crowd of white, brown, black, young, and old packed the place. A couple of dozen local artists participated.

What struck me is everybody knew every word to the songs and sang along on each. Tom was a beloved musician who touched people across a far greater demographics than I had imagined, probably why he sold over 80 million records over his musical career.

Check out some of Tom Petty’s best videos/songs.

Santana – His Talking Guitar makes those around him Better

In high school, several of us were listening to Oye Como Va. An annoying guy carried on about how Santana “is the greatest musician ever.”

I retorted: This is the worst shit I’ve ever heard.

In my mind, however, I thought this song and Santana are fantastic. Everything I’ve heard and have learned about Santana since has only confirmed and enhanced my favorable view of him. Great guitarist, bandleader, and performer. Also, a good man. The type of person and musician that people want to be around.

Rolling Stones – The Anti-Beatles

The Beatles showed up to the United States in suits and ties, looking clean cut. 

Not the Rolling Stones.  From day one, the Rolling Stones offered an edgier, wilder, more explosive element to the British Invasion. 

If the Beatles initially were guys parents thought they wanted their daughters to date; the Rolling Stones were the guys that made parents want to arm their daughters with chastity belts. Their music lit a fire under the youth of America. Made us want to pump our fists, dance, and tell the older generation to piss off. 

Neil Young – A Musician’s Musician

From Buffalo Springfield to CSN&Y, to his long solo career, Neil Young is relentless.

A “reunion” tour for Neil Young is unnecessary because he has remained a constant since the sixties. 

Neil Young is one of the great guitarists and songwriters. His quality songs seemingly stretch forever, and he shows no signs of slowing down.