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Stay out of the Attic!

Porcelain – Short Horror Film Lucy and Sam are home alone. All is well until Lucy hears noises in the attic. In the attic, she finds a porcelain doll. What could go wrong? Continue reading to watch this quality Horror Short Film where knocks on the ceiling become the norm.

Texting becomes Dialogue in tEXT | Tense!

tEXt – Award Winning Horror Short Film (2017) When texting and social media go wrong. Pyscho-stalker. When a doorbell startles and a door knock terrifies, and nothing is what it seems. Check out tEXT, a tension-building Horror Short Film.

tEXt – Award Winning Horror Short Film (2017)

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tEXt is a horror short film by Tye Gibson & Nick Johnson. Starring Kelsey Samara Dacci & Emily Hutchison. A modern day take on silent films blended with horror. Category Entertainment License Standard YouTube License