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Writers, check out #IndiesUnite’s recommended books on writing thrillers.

Action Writers’ Phrase Book: Essential Reference for All Authors of Action, Adventure & Thrillers (Writers’ Phrase Books Book 3)

Action Writers’ Phrase Book: Essential Reference for All Authors of Action, Adventure & Thrillers (Writers’ Phrase Books Book 3)

Jackson Dean Chase, Inc.Price: Free


#1 bestselling author Jackson Dean Chase shares the secret weapon every writer needs!

Build your mental muscles with the Action Writers’ Phrase Book—it’s the perfect workout to inspire creativity for writing Action, Adventure, and Thrillers.

Arranged for quick, easy reference, you get over 2,000 killer ways to describe combat and strong emotions , including: Blades, Bows, Corpses, Explosions, Fistfights, Guns, Lasers, Strangling, and more!

The book comes fully loaded to fight modern, historical, and future battles—everything from cyberpunk to science fiction. Plus it contains weather, wild animals, writing exercises, and tips and tricks for creating more effective fiction.

    Before using this book: “He shot him through the chest.”

    After using this book: “The bullet crunched through his ribcage and slammed him into the wall.”

    Or, take this boring sentence: “The archers aimed at the enemy and fired.”

    And turn it into: “The arrows screamed and the sky grew black with death.”

The Action Writers’ Phrase Book is the perfect tool to put even the most stubborn case of writer’s block in the hospital.

When you buy this book, you’re not just getting a reference guide, you’re unlocking a proven, cost-effective solution to save time and generate more ideas than any other action/adventure/thriller guide on the market.

Try it now. Unleash the power and decide for yourself!

(* IMPORTANT NOTE: This book’s content overlaps with the Horror Writers’ Phrase Book and the Post-Apocalypse Writers’ Phrase Book, also by this author. Each book is a stand-alone product, and you do NOT need to buy more than one. There is not much new material introduced in the Action Writers’ Phrase Book that is not already covered in the previous two books in the series; instead, it strips out all the magic, monsters, and doomsday material to serve a new market of action, adventure, and thriller authors—those who don’t need a book targeted toward horror or post-apocalypse fiction. Future volumes covering Fantasy and Science Fiction will offer substantial new content—watch for them in 2016.

Here’s what readers have to say about the Writers’ Phrase Books series:

  • “If you’re a writer, content creator, blogger, or just looking to expand your knowledge and vocabulary, this is a really great piece of work.”
    –Kindle reviewer

  • “…Made me feel even I could write a book… [These guides show you how] to grab a reader’s attention and hold it.”
    –Tome Tender

  • “…A useful tool for any writer to have in their box of tricks. It’s also a fun read and a way to kick start your creative juices.”
    –Kindle reviewer

How Do I Use This Book?

This book isn’t designed to replace your creativity, it’s intended to enhance it:
  • Use the descriptions as writing prompts.
  • Use the descriptions “as is” or you can mix-and-match to create new ones.
  • Reading the book can help you beat writers’ block.
This is a book of ideas and inspiration for authors at every level, including fan fiction. If you think you know everything about how to write, no book can help you. But the truth is, nobody knows everything. We can all improve our writing. This book is one way to do it.

Price: Free

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How To Write a Chiller Thriller

How To Write a Chiller Thriller

Compass BooksPrice: Free

Have you dreamt of becoming a thriller writer but not dared to do so because of lack of self-belief, or the necessary time, or both? Are you also a thriller reader who has been disappointed by the sameness and lack of ambition in what you’ve read? If so, this book will help you create chiller thrillers with a difference, with memorable characters and truly chilling plots, drawing not only from the past and present, but the future too. From horror and the paranormal, to equally disturbing scientific and hi-tech developments. Bravery is the key. So, come on board!

Price: Free

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Writing a Killer Thriller: – An Editor’s Guide to Writing Compelling Fiction

Writing a Killer Thriller: – An Editor’s Guide to Writing Compelling Fiction

CreateSpace Independent Publishing PlatformPrice: $11.99 Free Shipping


Respected editor Jodie Renner offers indispensable advice for creating fast-paced, compelling fiction in this revised and significantly expanded second edition of WRITING A KILLER THRILLER. PRAISE FOR WRITING A KILLER THRILLER

“Finally, someone who understands the thriller! More than ever, an author must also be his own best editor, and Jodie Renner is there to help. Writing a Killer Thriller should be on every thriller writer’s desk. It breaks down the thriller into its must-have component parts to write a scintillating, edge-of-the-seat novel that will get readers buzzing and sales flowing.”

– ROBERT DUGONI, New York Times bestselling author of The Jury Master and Murder One

“Writing is hard, editing harder, and self-editing almost impossible. Writing a Killer Thriller demystifies each of these steps on the road to a published manuscript. Read this book. It will help you now and for many years to come.”
 ~ DP LYLE, award-winning author of many nonfiction and fiction books

“Writing a Killer Thriller by Jodie Renner is an in-depth journey through each component of the thriller. Renner breaks down the process into key elements, each essential to keeping the reader turning those pages. From character development to building suspense, Writing a Killer Thriller should be on the desk of every thriller author out there. A staple for the beginner, a refresher for the pro.”
– JOE MOORE, #1 Amazon and international bestselling co-author of The Blade and The Phoenix Apostles

Whether you’re planning your first novel or revising your fourth, you’ll discover lots of concrete ideas here for taking your fiction up a level or two, entertaining your readers, gaining fans, and creating buzz. Both published and aspiring authors of suspense-thrillers and other fast-paced, popular fiction will find these tips indispensable for plotting your story, creating compelling characters, writing a gripping opening, designing suspenseful scenes, picking up the pace, ramping up the tension and intrigue, revising for power, and creating a page-turner that sells. A companion guide to this one,

Jodie’s STYLE THAT SIZZLES & PACING FOR POWER – An Editor’s Guide to Writing Compelling Fiction, is available in both e-book and trade paperback.

Price: $11.99

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