When the World Divides, 

Writers & Readers must Unite! 

This page provides links for authors, screenwriters, other writers, and readers. Our mission since 2007 is to unite readers and quality reads, and to serve the author and writing community.

art, science, & love make the world go round!

Hello. I am Jerry Beller. Indies Unite incorporates several organizations I founded over the past couple of decades. From the day I entered this world (or as long as my memory serves), I love art, science, medical research, music, books, writing, films, filmmaking. This website follows my work and pays homage to independent medical researchers, artists, authors, musicians, filmmakers, animators, and the indie community.


We launched Author Alliance in 2007 & attracted 100,000 global authors the first year. We followed in 2009 with Writers Alliance to serve the wider writing community. 


Working with our partners, Writers Alliance serves screenwriters and the writing community through a variety of services helping you enhance your writing.


Since 2007, Author Alliance, Indies Unite, & Writers Alliance recommend quality books. Our staff continuously reads indie books and recommend the better ones of each genre.

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