Grant Beller - BWWM Romance Suspense

Grant Beller is the penname for Jerry & Nicola, an interracial couple since 1989.

we love reading & writing books!

We use the Grant Beller pen name when writing as a couple.

Our BWWM Memoir

In this book, we tell the story how we met in 1989 when we met in Port Antonio, Jamaica. Jerry, an American, moved there to write his first book. Nicky, a local girl, was home from college after Hurricane Gilbert. 

BWWM Romance Suspense

This book is a bwwm romantic suspense/adventure/comedy, as a bigshot American reporter must work with a Jamaican reporter on her first assignment. They clash, then fall madly in love.

BWWM Historical Fiction

This book takes a walk into the past where a Cherokee warrior (with a white mother) intervenes to help a group of runaway slaves. He and the female protagonist fall in love while running from a posse.


We are a BWWM couple of over three decades

BWWM couples had only been legal for a short while when we met, and remained taboo among whites and blacks. However, when Jerry moved to Jamaica in the late eighties and met Nicky, they fell fast and hard for each other, beginning a relationship that evolved into marriage, babies, a family, and they remain deeper in love today than ever.

The stars lined up for Jerry and Nicky, as both of them were freer than ever when they met. They chose to spend every day together until Jerry finally moved back to the states for monetary reasons. A match in paradise!

However, they married and had a baby boy soon later, followed by a baby girl, both now grown.

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