Jerry Beller - Medical Researcher, Author, Screenwriter Animator,

Family Man

Jerry Beller writes novels, nonfiction books, & screenplays.


Over 200+ Books and Screenplays and Still Counting

Beller Medical Research

Jerry Beller distinguished himself at Beller Health Research by writing several medical groundbreaking heart & brain books, including the first covering all 19 primary dementia types.


Beller released dozens of fiction books, including several with his wife  the name Grant Beller. His fiction books range from literary fiction, to romantic suspense, to political fiction.

Indie Films & Animations

Jerry also directed six independent films and is working on several animation movie projects. We will add several videos & links related to Jerry's films & animations.


Life passes too fast to waste time.--Jerry Beller

Jerry Beller ranks his priorities in the following order, family and work. When not writing, researching, or engaged in a film or animation project, Beller spends his time with his best friend and wife, and their two grown children.

Outside family, the primary task each day is his work with Beller Health Research. Heart and brain doctors and patients around the world read his work, and a couple of Beller's books are used at various medical institutes of learning.

One of Jerry's strengths is his ability to switch from working on his medical books to other writing or creative projects once completing his Beller Health duties. 

While Beller has always sold books in the US, half or more of his audience has always been from other countries. His early fiction releases (and several along the way) including characters getting lost in and celebrating Jamaica's beauty and highlighting the population's underreported diversity.

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