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Working on our second decade serving the writers community.

Working on our second decade forming partnerships with authors, screenwriters, copywriters, bloggers, article writers, press release writers, video scriptwriters, social medial writers, production description writers, content writers, book ghostwriters, and website writers. We help them to up their game and reach a larger audience. While we possess no magic wand, we treat writers with the Golden Rule.

Writers Services

We perform or refer a wide variety of writers services, including editing, editorial reviews, book covers, other graphics, formatting, promotion, & other important writers services. We keep adding new services to keep up with the times and various publication needs. Each of our services aims to help you improve as a writer or to showcase your work.

Quality Critique

Do you need a professional editorial review? One of our team will read your book, screenplay, or other document, and provide constructive feedback and a editorial review you can use on your website or product page. We also post the reviews on our website.

Editorial Review

One of our book reviewers will read your book & write an editorial review. While we do not write reviews for Amazon or other retailers, you can use our professional editorial review in the editorial section. We also release the reviews on our website, newsletters, & social media.

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I knew I wanted to be a writer when I read my first John Steinbeck book

--Jerry Beller

Writers are unique people, spending much of our lives alone to our thoughts, pen, paper, typewriter, laptop, computer where we expand creative boundaries.

We understand writers because, well, we are writers. From your greatest fears to your most outrageous ambitions, we relate because one or more of us has experienced the same things.

Our goal is to help writers improve your craft and advance your ambitions. No matter where we are as writers, improvement is waiting if we work hard enough.

We work with our partners, including Author Alliance, Writers Alliance, Indie Bookstore and Indie Services to broaden our reach and services.

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